Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

Nurse Practitioners of Florida offers a wide array of genetic testing to identify changes or abnormalities in genes, proteins, and/or chromosomes. This is done to confirm or rule out a health condition or to assess the risk of developing certain diseases. Genetic testing can also be performed to determine the likelihood of passing on genetic disorders to your children.

Prior to scheduling your genetic testing appointment, gather as much information as possible about your medical history — as well as your family’s medical history. This is especially important if you’re currently considering starting a family or may do so in the future. Having this complete picture will help determine your own risk of developing a condition.

Understanding Your Test Results

It is important to note that a positive result doesn’t necessarily mean that you will acquire a certain medical ailment. Often, there are lifestyle factors that can help prevent developing conditions for which you are predisposed — such as a healthy diet, consistent exercise, not smoking, reducing stress, sleeping well, and taking care of underlying medical conditions. Our providers will take into account all the circumstances that are relevant to you to help you design the best course of action — and if necessary — the best form of treatment.

If your results are inconclusive, it may be necessary to conduct additional monitoring of your health. Your healthcare provider will provide additional steps as needed.