Lab Screening Tests

lab screening tests

Lab screenings are designed to check the status of your health. They could involve taking different samples of either blood, urine, or other tissues from the body. The results of the tests will be interpreted within the context of your medical history and overall health.

Once a medical professional collects the required sample, it is sent to a laboratory — which we have on-site. Sometimes a newer test needs to be compared to previous tests in order to determine whether there have been any changes in your health. There are many factors that could influence these results, such as medications you’re currently taking, any foods and/or drinks you had prior to the test, and your general health. Therefore, it’s important to discuss all these issues with your doctor or nurse practitioner prior to undergoing screening. You will also receive specific instructions detailing how to best prepare for your test.

What can you find out from lab screenings?

Lab screenings are essential to understand what’s going on inside your body. The most common tests are conducted for any of the following reasons:

  • Diagnosing a disease
  • Detecting an infection
  • Monitoring a health condition
  • Planning treatments
  • Determining whether current treatment or medications are working
  • Finding out whether your organs are working properly
  • Monitoring your overall health
  • Determining whether you’ve recently taken drugs

If your doctor or employer has requested you undergo testing, we can help you. We accept most insurances and financing options are available.