Wellness Exams

Wellness Exams

Wellness examinations are a crucial part of preventive care. By scheduling them once a year, your healthcare providers are able to monitor your health. If you are found to have an ailment, it can be treated during its early stages — maximizing the likelihood of a cure. While these examinations vary depending on the type of wellness exam, they include checking your vitals, going over your medical history, discussing your lifestyle, and conducting a physical examination.

Well Women’s Exams

A well-woman examination includes a pelvic exam, a breast exam, and a pap smear. One of our healthcare providers will inspect your reproductive organs to look for signs of cysts, sexually transmitted diseases, and/or cancer. We’ll also take a sampling of cells from the cervix for testing. You can also discuss birth control options as well as get answers to any questions regarding your reproductive health.

Men’s Health Exams

Men’s wellness exams include a discussion of your lifestyle, medical history, and family’s medical history. In addition to your vitals, one of our healthcare professionals will also conduct screenings for prostate and testicular cancer. These are especially important between the ages of 40 and 69 — especially if you have a first-degree family member (such as a parent or brother) with a history of such cancers.

Work-Related Physicals and Employment Screenings

Work-related physical examinations and employment screenings are conducted to assess your overall health. They are done to ensure that you are healthy enough to perform your work duties. This can include immunizations, laboratory testing, vision and auditory tests, respiratory fitness, and/or drug and alcohol screenings. When you schedule your appointment, please bring with you all the paperwork provided by your employer.

Well Child Physicals (Sports and School)

During a well-child physical examination, one of our nurse practitioners will record your child’s height, weight, and relevant medical information, as well as check the child’s growth and development. We will also test the child’s hearing and vision, as well as discuss their general health. When you schedule your appointment, please bring with you all the paperwork provided by their school or sports team.